How to secure wordpress plugins


In computer language “Security” often refers to scary buzzwords such as Cross site scripting, Cross site request forgery, SQL injection, vulnerabilities and holes. You should be scared because these are real threats, as you will read, trivial to execute against shabby code. But then, you should not be scared because, fortunately, wordpress comes with all […]

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Programming With OOPS


In this article we will learn Programming with OOPS, it will show you that how to create objects, define their attributes (as properties) and methods. Objects in php are always created using a “class” keyword. In this article, “Programming with OOPS”, we will also learn the details of classes, properties and methods. As a full […]

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Introduction of object oriented programming

Object Oriented Programming

Programming practices have evolved considerably over the past few decades. As more and more programmers gained experience problems unknown hitherto, began to surface. The programming community became ever more concerned about the philosophy that they adopt in programming and approaches they practice in program development. Factors like productivity, reliability, cost effectiveness, reusability etc. started to […]

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