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Photogallery Project in Php



How to set up project?

  • You have zip file of project.
  • Create “photogallery” database.
  • Import the SQL file in the database.
  • Now run your project on localhost, like http://localhost/photogallery.

Add database configuration in the file Photogallery/functions.php at the following line.

Add database configuration in the file Photogallery/admin/admin-functions.php at the following line.

$connection=mysqli_connect("localhost","username","password","databasename") or die (mysqli_error());

Frontend features

  • Register, Login, Manage profile functionality with edit profile image.
  • Add, update and delete gallery (logged-in Users).
  • Delete Images functionality.
  • User Can Add 20 Images at one time.
  • Search Gallery with name.
  • Guest User can subscribe.
  • Guest User can download any gallery’s image.
  • Guest user can see the gallery information with gallery name, images count and username.
  • Easy Navigation.
  • Responsive with any Device.
  • Gallery list with pagination.

Backend features

  • Admin can manage gallery, users and pages.
  • In every section, admin have search bar.
  • In the gallery section, Admin can add images in gallery and can delete the gallery.
  • In the users section, Admin can delete the user.

All contents used in this project are just for demo purpose.

If you are getting any problem then you can contact at surajkumar0859@gmail.com

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Php, MySqli, CSS, CSS3, HTML, Jquery, Javascript

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